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Dec. 27th. 2014 @4.00PM

Herr Nilsen, Oslo

w. Blue Sonic Fuel

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Dagbladet Review - The Social Media Tapes:

All About Jazz Review - multiple albums:

Petter Wettre Quartet & The Norwegian Radio Orchestra - Live

All About Jazz Review - The Trio at Oslo Jazzfestival Aug. 19th. 2011:



Petter Wettre has since the early nineties made his mark as one of the most important musicians on the Norwegian jazz scene, and is one of the most virtuos saxophonists Norway has today. Wettre is known for playing contemporary jazz. He studied music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he graduated with honors in 1992. He had his breakthrough in 1995 when he was NRK's representative in the EBU Orchestra in Prague. The orchestra that assemble under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union is known to promote the best talent in European jazz. In 1994 and 1995 Wettre participated in Master Classes with renowned saxophonist Dave Liebman.(Miles Davis, 1971-1973). In 1996 Wettre debuted as band leader with the album "Pig Virus". The album was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy that same year. Alongside his work with his quartet, he also formed the critically acclaimed The Trio. They released four albums. Their debut album, Meet the Locals was nominated for a yet another Norwegian Grammy in 1998. The Trio also earned themselves 3 1/2 of 4 possible stars in the encyclopedia; The Penguins Guide to Jazz In 2000 they released the album In Color with the aforementioned Dave Liebman as guest soloist. The album came in seventh in JazzReviews announcement of that year's top ten albums in the UK. Tours and festivalgigs followed throughout the year . In 2001 Wettre was awarded the Clear Answer jazz prize at Kongsberg Jazz Festival. 2001 also awarded Wettre his first Norwegian Grammys for best jazz album (2000) - "The Only Way to Travel, (bp rec.). The same year, Wettre recorded and produced his 5th. album; The Mystery Unfolds. Here he shows his true versatility as a composer and saxophonist. Wettre is also being voted one of the ten most important musicians on the European jazz scene in the British jazz magazine; Jazz Review. In 2003 Wettre establish his own recordlabel, Household Records. His album; Hallmark Moments is nominated for a Norwegian Grammy in 2004. Wettre promotes and releases his book of transcriptions; Live at the Lighthouse - Omnibook on Perla Music. (2005). This book contains all the solos of Steve Grossman and Dave Liebman from the album with the same name. This transcription book was also promoted on a tour of the most prestigious universities and music institutions in the U.S., including; Berklee College of Music and Mannhattan School of Music. Wettre debuted with his solo concerto for saxophone, Paramount, at Molde Int. Jazz Festival. The concert was recorded and released on his own label later that year. In 2006 Wettre was one of the headliners at Kongsberg Jazz Festival with his Tribute to Coltrane on the occasion of his 80th. birthday. Wettre also toured with New Light Orchestra, (with among others, Gene Perla and Dave Liebman). In 2007 Wettre produced his CD no. 12 and 13 - Fountain of Youth and Appetite for Structure. Fountain of Youth earns him his 2nd. Norwegian grammy for best jazz album. Petter Wettre Quartet performs in New York and Addis Abbeba in addition to a Norwegian tour. He opens Kongsberg Jazz Festival in 2008 with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra playing his own music orchestrated by Django Bates. Later that same year Wettre tours throughout Europe with Manu Katche (Sting, Peter Gabriel, Jan Garbarek). Recordings for German television with Thomasz Stanko and Manu Katche follows. In February 2009 Wettre is once again representing NRK as a EBU musician. This time around it is his own music from the previous year from the Kongsberg concert that is aired in it entirety in 11 European countries. Release of Fountain of Youth - Live (Cd / dvd) follows. This is Wettres 14th. release under his own leadership. Wettre is touring Germany with Manu Katche and being Artist in Residence at the National Jazz Scene in October. (Oslo). In 2010. 2 tours for Rikskonsertene - (The Cultural Rucksack), for middle schools with the production - The Only Way to Travel with Petter Wettre Trio. Concerts with Manu Katche in Israel, Poland, Italy and Turkey. In January 2011 Wettre is nominated for his 6th. Grammy for the album The Only Way to Travel 2, with acclaimed Norwegian drummer Audun Kleive. Tours of Scandinavia with Carl Winther/Anders Mogensen Trio. A reunion concert at Oslo Jazzfestival with The Trio. Duo performances with drummer Audun Kleive throughout Norway. Apperance at Faching Jazzclub, (Stockholm). In 2012 Petter Wettre collaborates with British pianist Jason Rebello. They perform at festivals in Lithuania and South Korea. Performances in South Africa with Manu Katche. Wettre arrange and perform his own music for a specifically selected big band for the occasion of NOPA 75th. year celebration. The concert is aired in 11 European countries as part of NRK's EBU contribution That project is later brought on the road visiting several of Norways finest big bands. Petter Wettre records for Swedish Radio with his own band; Petter Wettre Next Generation. Performances at London Jazzfestival with Ensemble Denada.Concerts in Italy with Manu Katche and Ensemble Denada. In 2013 Petter Wettre releases his 17th. recording as a leader; Reinventing Music. This is a duo recording with pianist Jason Rebello. Appearances at Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Nattjazz and Molde Int. Jazzfestival with own projects. Tours for Rikskonsertene. Concerts with Arild Andersen and Jon Christensen. In January 2014 Petter Wettre prepared and released his own app. This app includes all his music,combined with his social plattforms, videos, pictures, web sites and exclusive behind the scenes looks at being an artist. In addition to that you can also access leadsheets to all his music along with several other features. It is accessable through Apple Istore and Google Play. ( (Androids) (Iphone) He produced and recorded a two hour radio program for NRK concisting of his own arrangements on standard tunes with a group of musicians of his choice. The music is later made available in the app. Several festivals in 2014 includes collaboration with Arild Andersen and Jon Christensen. Petter Wettre scored and arranged the music of Charles Mingus for a special selected sextet during Oslo Jazz Festival in August. Tour with Ensemble Denada in Germany and Netherlands in October. Tour in Scandinavia with Carl Winther feat Adam Nussbaum..


  • Born: Aug.11th.1967 in Sandefjord, Norway
  • Instrument: Tenor and soprano sax, bass clarinet
  • Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A. in 1992.
  • Studies with George Garzone, Joe Viola and Dave Liebman.
  • Current ensembles;Petter Wettre Next Generation

18 recordings as a leader:

  • Petter Wettre - Playing up to my Standards - 14
  • Petter Wettre & Jason Rebello - Reinventing Music - 13
  • Petter Wettre & Next Generation - The Social Media Tapes - 12
  • Petter Wettre and Audun Kleive - The Only Way to Travel 2 - 10
  • Petter Wettre - Fountain of Youth - Live! - 09
  • Petter Wettre - Appetite for Structure - 08
  • Petter Wettre - Fountain of Youth - 07
  • Petter Wettre - State of the Art - 05
  • Petter Wettre - Paramount - 05
  • Petter Wettre - Hallmark Moments - 04
  • Petter Wettre/Dave Liebman - Tour de Force - 04
  • Petter Wettre Quintet - Household Name - 03
  • Petter Wettre Trio - Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse - 03
  • Petter Wettre Trio - The Mystery Unfolds - 01
  • Wettre/Johansen - The Only Way to Travel - 00
  • The Trio - In Color - 00
  • The Trio - Meet the Locals - 98
  • Petter Wettre Quartet - Pig Virus - 96

Also featured as a sideman / guest soloist on 50 albums in all styles, ranging from jazz, gospel, pop and world music.


  • Grammy for best Norwegian jazz album 2007; "Fountain of Youth" - Petter Wettre
  • Grammy for best Norwegian jazz album 2000; "The Only Way to Travel" - Wettre/Johansen duo
  • Grammy-nominated for best Norwegian jazz album 2010; "The Only Way to Travel 2" - Wettre/Kleive duo
  • Grammy-nominated for best Norwegian jazz album 2004: Petter Wettre - "Hallmark Moments"
  • Grammy-nominated for best Norwegian jazz album 1999: The Trio - "Meet the Locals"
  • Grammy-nominated for best Norwegian jazz album 1996: Petter Wettre Quartet - "Pig Virus"
  • "Klart Svar" jazz price, Kongsberg 2000.


  • Performances around the world as part of the Manu Katche - Playground 2008-10.
  • The Trio - "In Color", voted as nr.7 in Jazzreview's "Top Ten" releases in Great Britain 2000.
  • Petter Wettre voted one of Europe's top ten leading musicians in Jazzreview 2002
  • Several tours/festivals in Norway and abroad both with own groups and as a sideman.
  • Numerous TV shows, radio, jingles, commercials for norwegian radio & television.
  • Norwegian representative of EBU, (European Broadcasting Union) 95,97,09 & 12
  • Performances with: Dave Liebman, Gene Perla, Manu Katche, Tomasz Stanko, Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen, Rick Margitza, Adam Nussbaum, Joey DeFrancesco



Queen Latifah feat. Petter Wettre

  • Date: Dec. 11th.
  • where:Nobel Peace Price concert, Oslo Norway
  • Concert starts at 7.30 p.m

Last gig of the season: Blue Sonic Fuel

  • Date: Dec. 27th.
  • where:Herr Nilsen, Oslo
  • Concert starts at 4.00 p.m


The Social Media Tapes

Petter Wettre Next Generation - The Social Media Tapes

Listen to selected tracks:

The Only Way To Travel 2

Petter Wettre & Audun Kleive - The Only Way To Travel 2

Listen to selected tracks:

Fountain of Youth - Live

Petter Wettre & KORK - Fountain of Youth - Live

Listen to selected tracks:

Fountain of Youth

Petter Wettre - Fountain of Youth

Listen to selected tracks:

Appetite for Structure

Petter Wettre - Appetite for Structure

Listen to selected tracks:


Petter Wettre - Paramount

Listen to selected tracks:

State of the Art

Petter Wettre - State of the Art

Listen to selected tracks:

Hallmark Moments

Petter Wettre - Hallmark Moments

Listen to selected tracks:

Tour de Force

Petter Wettre/Dave Liebman - Tour de Force

Listen to selected tracks:

Household Name

Petter Wettre Quintet - Household Name

Listen to selected tracks:

Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse

Petter Wettre Trio - Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse

Listen to selected tracks:

The Mystery Unfolds

Petter Wettre Trio - The Mystery Unfolds

Listen to selected tracks:

The Only Way to Travel

Wettre/Johansen - The Only Way to Travel

Listen to selected tracks:

In Color

The Trio - In Color

Listen to selected tracks:

Meet The Locals

The Trio - Meet The Locals

Listen to selected tracks:

Pig Virus

Petter Wettre Quartet - Pig Virus

Listen to selected tracks:

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